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While the community was first organized around Crown Duel, it has expanded to include all the works of Sherwood Smith, but is by no means limited to that. Book and writing discussions are welcome, as well as sharing of artwork. Postings of stories or discussions that might be considered PG-13 or above will be marked and hidden behind lj-cuts.

Anonymous commenters are welcome as long as the post is appropriate to the subject at hand and not attacking anyone, but if you want to see the private postings you must get a livejournal identity and join the community. (It's free.)

If you are interested in knowing more about the world created by Sherwood Smith feel free to check out sartorias-deles :: a wiki project - From the planet's cosmology to the terms often used that we off-worlders are unfamiliar with, this website attempts to explain the ins and outs of S-d.

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