Sherwood Smith (sartorias) wrote in athanarel,
Sherwood Smith

CD question

Thanks for your answers, those who responded to my previous question. I am at home now, on my computer, old as it is, I'm used to it. (I borrowed a nifty littke EEE but it was impossible to type on without constant error.)

Anyway, it looks like there was nearly a consensus to stick Vidanric POV inserts at the end of any hypothetical redone edition of CD. And it is hypothetical. Vague interest was expressed, but I don't believe in that kind of thing (gratifying as it is at the time) unless it actually happens.

So I will write the last one or two of the inserts, but in the meantime, the thought of retyping this entire book (because the original computer files are long gone, having been done on a very old computer back in the early nineties, on PC-Write, a software that doesn't exist any more) is really, REALLY daunting. So this might just stall out unless there is a real need.

Other than that, I did get the go-ahead on Banner of the Damned and on Coronets and Steel, so I need to plunge into getting those going.
Tags: banner of the damned, coronets and steel, crown duel, vidanric
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