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Hello, I've been a lurker on these boards for years, but I'm finally coming out of the woodwork!

After talking up Crown Duel to my sister for oh, the last dozen years or so, she finally got her hands on a copy...of the 1997 Wren's World versions of Crown Duel and Court Duel (they are, admittedly, beautiful covers and in hardback!). I was thrilled to hear that she adored them, especially coming to the world "late" as a twenty-something as opposed to the early teenager that I was when I first fell in love with it, and with a lot of hype attached. That said, I recalled at least one crucial difference between the first version and what's now the canonized version, and I wondered if there were others worth noting. I expect that place names might have been changed, and other "trappings" tailored to fit Wren's World rather than S-D, but were there major ones beyond

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The rainy day scene where Flauvic and Meliara have that spark of attraction in his residence, and Meliara chooses not to pursue it?

I know this is mentioned in Beauty, and therefore important for reasons of continuity, but it has importance (I certainly think) in the immediate context as well.

I'm more than willing to "suffer" for a cause and make a catalog myself (darn, reading in addition to my annual romp though Crown Duel? Twist my arm!), but since I don't have access to my sister's copies at the moment, I was hoping the community could fill me in for now!

Vidanric extras

I was thinking of reading Crown Duel again. I haven't read the ebook edition yet. It has those extra Vidanric point of view chapters. How do I read them? Can you tell me with which chapters the Vidanric ones coincide with so I can read it while in the story instead of reading them as extras at the end of the book.

ESCAPE --- Chapter ?
CANDLESTICK --- Chapter ?
THE EVIDENCE --- Chapter ?
THE WAGER --- Chapter ?

Worldbuilders offer:

This year's offer is to personalize one of my books any way you like. More details over at Pat Rothfuss's blog.

This can also mean writing a missing chapter or scene from any book, on a prompt.


Thoughts on Rereading Once a Princess

  So, last Saturday I had some free time and sat down with Once a Princess to reread it. Doing so, I suddenly noticed so much more I had not seen before and wanted to share my thoughts. So here they are, in no particular order - as always, I welcome any comments!
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That's all for now, I think. I had another long part about certain tropes in Sherwood's books and the importance of trust, but I'll save that for later. Again, any feedback is very welcome!


Hello, fans of Sherwood Smith and especially Inda!

I posted about this on tumblr in the tiny Inda tag, but I thought there may be more chance of viewing here... I have created a TVTropes page for the Inda series!

If you are not familiar with the concept, TVTropes is a website that describes/catalogues the 'tropes' present in a series - the conventions, devices, narrative elements, and so on that show up in different works of fiction. It can be a way of organizing and displaying a wealth of information about a series and, through linking to the main series' page in the corresponding Trope Example pages, even a way to spread interest in the series. Which is of course why I've made the page because the fact that the Inda fandom is so quiet is a constant source of sadness for me.

So this is an invitation to anyone here to add what they want to the pages. The character pages especially are rather sparse! You do need to make an account at TVtropes to make changes to pages, but it's free and simple to do so. For whoever's curious, I'm also considering making a Sartorias Deles and possibly even a Sherwood Smith index page, since there is already a Crown Duel page and I hope to make one for Banner of the Damned when I've done more with the Inda ones. That might mean a reorganization of character pages and indices but that doesn't mean there can't be more tropes added to the individual characters before then!

Anyway check it out! And STAY STRONG FANDOM.


Once a Princess / Twice a Prince

Dear Sherwood,

I am excited about the news that you are planning a revised edition of Once a Princess /Twice a Prince (as I read on your homepage). So here are my questions: Where will it be published, at bookviewcafe? Will there be a print version? And especially: Under which title? I suppose OaP/TaP as title(s) only works well with two volumes, so I am wondering.


Another interview!

Here, at Booknista--which is a site run by mainly reviewers who like YA novels.

It's a nifty site!


AMA at Reddit

The "Ask Me Anything" at Reddit is tomorrow, starting noon Pacific Time. I realize this is coals to Newcastle, as anyone can ask me a question here anytime, but they said to publicize it, and, well, this is me, publicizing with all my might.


NPS romances

This NPR romance list is the sort of thing Crown Duel never gets mentioned on, though it's been in print for twenty years.

I think I've got the most stealth-hidden "popular" book ever written. :-/

New Releases

I've been insanely busy--though still waiting for notes on A Stranger to Command.

Here is some new stuff out.

The novel before this one, Lhind the Thief, was written over a period of about thirty years, a good deal of it in hospital waiting rooms. It was my escapist story, a kitchen sink fantasy that I turned to when things were really dire in realityland. I set it aside yet again 1990 when 60 k words was the expected limit but it didn’t feel done. A couple decades later another bad patch happened, out it came and this time I finished it.

Of the readers who liked it, many indicated they expected a sequel. Oh! I can do that . . . I think. At my time of life, forty year projects are not optimal! Early last year I was driving across the desert with rachelmanija, my co-writer on the Change Series, and with her help brainstormed a plot.

When I actually wrote it, that plot turned out to be half of the story, the fluff mixing with other stuff, like identity, power, the problem of pain, the question of family, added to all the chases and magic and castles and side worlds and mythical creatures.

So, in short, I think of this second one as Fluff with Stuff.

This is a Book View Cafe release, and as always I'd prefer interested readers get it there, but if that isn't an option, it's also up on Kindle and Nook.


I've also released some of my Jane Austen sequel stories, with two to come.

The Poignant Sting is only on Kindle right now:

This novella-length homage to Jane Austen's Emma was inspired by a single line in the novel that makes Miss Bates, for one moment, startlingly prescient. Supposing Miss Bates really could hear others' thoughts? A look at three marriages in Highbury with a touch of magic.

Henry and Fanny: An Alternate Ending to Mansfield Park, also on Kindle:

One of the longest-running debates about Jane Austen’s work has been the problematical ending of Mansfield Park. As it says in the foreword, part of the problem is how the narrative stops abruptly in Book Three, Chapter XVII. Here Austen's narrator takes the stage to issue a long summary of what happened, after all those brilliant pages of immersing readers in the minds of the characters and their world.

When I read James Austen-Leigh’s memoir about his famous aunt in which he reported sister Cassandra begging Jane for a different ending, I got the courage to join the host of other authors who love to play in Jane Austen’s world, and take up the story from that point and offer a new ending, solving that problem, plus some others.

The Dancing Monkeys, also on Kindle:

One of three long novella-length stories I've written about Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. This story accepts the ending that Jane Austen wrote, and follows a bitter Henry Crawford wandering the world after his failure at winning Fanny Price. An unexpected encounter with an equally bitter Captain Wentworth, during a sea battle with the French, brings about changes for both gentlemen . . .

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