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Two for One

For Audible members only (which I'm not, therefore I can't access it), I'm told that Crown Duel is part of their two for one sale, through tomorrow. I also haven't had time to listen to the audio book yet, so I don't know how it sounds. But I figured, a deal is a deal!

Of the ones I have listened to, I recommend A Stranger to Command and Rondo Allegro as about the best, and, most unfortunately, The Trouble With Kings as the least successful. I also really liked the male and female readers of the two parts of Sasharia En Garde, Once a Princess and Twice a Prince.

My own Two for One is that today's post is about Viable Paradise, but also about workshopping in general.



Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas!

Quick update: heading into the final chapters of Darkside of the Sun. It's had to go through three massive rewrites (and cuts of about forth thousand words) to get to this point.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Catching up

I finally have a gorgeous paperback edition of Lhind the Spy. Getting these in paper form is a very slow, grinding process.

Reddit/fantasy is going to begin discussing The Fox, come Monday the 21st.

In other news, in conjunction with the Worldbuilders fundraiser, I've offered to do a Q&A workshop, but this being me, I declare it open season--anyone can come and share their tips. But first they need to meet their goal.

Whether or not you are interested in this, the Worldbuiders fundraiser itself is a worthy cause, doing good work in the world.



So I am on the east coast, finishing up the workshop Viable Paradise. As always, it has been a great week — and a great visit.

I was in New York about 10 days ago, and according to my editorial assistant (who I think will probably become my editor, at least I hope so) the three books will come out in 2018. Of course I am not going to let myself believe that until I see cover art, and a firmer date because I've been through this twice before. But still, I had a great talk with her, and what's more, she really liked A Sword Named Truth.

In the meantime, once in a while when I get the courage, I take a quick peek at the discussion of Inda going on at reddit/fantasy. I am learning a lot about what those readers respond to and what they don't.

My reading has backed up because I became addicted to an intensely wonderful Chinese series called Nirvana in Fire. My connectivity has been awful, and reaching the show means either dealing with YouTube, which not only has many annoying ads, but a bunch of the episodes have the subtitles completely off track, or Viki.com which has the most annoying commercials ever. (Or maybe I'm just not used to commercials as I seldom watch commercial TV, but rely on Netflix.)

I am going to make a post about Nirvana in Fire, but what I want to say now is that it is about loyalty, secret identities, complex politics, unrequited love, and fun characters as well. not to mention ninja powers. the actors are jaw-dropping the beautiful, and all my goodness the clothes! The setting!


Thai Crown Duel Book Cover

Sherwood, I didn't know you had Crown Duel published in Thai? I was ready to submit a review on Goodreads when I noticed CD had an alternate book cover for a Thai translation. I find book covers fascinating from both an artistic and marketing perspective. So I searched on Google and found larger images of the Thai books:

And OMGoodness! Look at the Court Duel cover! So many lovely details. Meliara is so cute and petite and she's holding a fan, with the castle and colorwoods backdrop. What gets me is if you wander your eyes to the right, there lurking in the shadows is a mysterious stranger with a folded letter in his hand! Whoever drew the cover certainly read the book and was probably a huge fan!

Do you have CD published in other languages, Spanish for instance? It would open up a brand new opportunity to reach other audiences with this captivating book.


Crown Duel and Vidanric Outtakes

Hi there! I just finished the ebook edition of Crown Duel and I loved it. It has all the elements of a great fantasy book - action, adventure, world-building, intrigue, and oh yeah, that little romance - which was oh so satisfying! Sherwood, thank you for writing this story and bringing a little piece of joy into my life! This is a book that will go on my shelf and be one of those comfort reads for years to come. I especially enjoyed the Vidanric POVs. What a treat! It's not often we get the heroe's perspective straight from the author (and instead have to resort to listless fanfiction). Those extras really humanized him and made me love his character even more. I had a few questions.

1. What made you decide to write these extras!

2. How did you choose which scenes to write?

3. Will you be writing more scenes from Vidanric's POV in the future?

Effects of a hyper-sterile environment

So the other night I couldn't sleep and I started thinking about the waste-spell and its variants in s-d because you know, what else would I be thinking about. I haven't been around the LJ parts for a while, but now I have some questions so I hope this is okay.

Indelicate questions under the cut:
Read more...Collapse )

tl;dr: While the waste spells certainly provide convenience and protection against disease, I wonder if it has an impact on frequency and speed of diagnosing non-communicable health issues in both humans and animals (and the other races??)

((Also, I'm a little behind on s-d reading. Tragically right now the more I want to read a book, the more I put it off?))

glory / damnation

glory / damnation
an INDA fst
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a mix for Iasca Leror that was, and Marloven Hess that is; for nine hundred years of children raised for war.

The alternative title for this mix would have been born to ride under the banner of the damned, from Senrid: "The old king said we Marlovens were born to ride under the Banner of the Damned."
It is a mix for the troubled link between glory and damnation, framed by the three Marloven kings
songs, explanations, and spoilers for the Inda quartet, Banner of the Damned, and A Stranger to CommandCollapse )

Miss Eleanor Tilney


I don't know if anyone reading here likes my Jane Austen novellas, but in case, there is a new one: Miss Eleanor Tilney--I take a character from Northanger Abbey who was little more than a plot device, give her a story, Henry some fleshing out, and look at Catherine through both of their eyes.

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