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Effects of a hyper-sterile environment

So the other night I couldn't sleep and I started thinking about the waste-spell and its variants in s-d because you know, what else would I be thinking about. I haven't been around the LJ parts for a while, but now I have some questions so I hope this is okay.

Indelicate questions under the cut:
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tl;dr: While the waste spells certainly provide convenience and protection against disease, I wonder if it has an impact on frequency and speed of diagnosing non-communicable health issues in both humans and animals (and the other races??)

((Also, I'm a little behind on s-d reading. Tragically right now the more I want to read a book, the more I put it off?))

glory / damnation

glory / damnation
an INDA fst
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a mix for Iasca Leror that was, and Marloven Hess that is; for nine hundred years of children raised for war.

The alternative title for this mix would have been born to ride under the banner of the damned, from Senrid: "The old king said we Marlovens were born to ride under the Banner of the Damned."
It is a mix for the troubled link between glory and damnation, framed by the three Marloven kings
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Miss Eleanor Tilney


I don't know if anyone reading here likes my Jane Austen novellas, but in case, there is a new one: Miss Eleanor Tilney--I take a character from Northanger Abbey who was little more than a plot device, give her a story, Henry some fleshing out, and look at Catherine through both of their eyes.

made me think of Marloven Hess

This photo of a Turkmen equestrian made me think of Marloven Hess, so I thought I'd share. You can click through to get to the poster's Flickr account.

Turkmen Equestrian

Dyr, detlev etc

So I have recently been on a "Sartorias- deles" reread spree. Started with Trouble, then Sasha and just finished banner (btw - might be my favorite book ever- so complex and so compelling)

I loved the tidbits in trouble and Sasha about the bigger world issues going on. Especially when detlev's boys show up in Sasha. Made me itch to find out what's happened since I last saw them.

Anyway after reading banner I was skimming the athanarel archives looking for more details on the dyr. My question being: Was Emras' dyr the same one that wende finds in "hunt across worlds"? If so how did Birdy know it was tied to Everon? Or was there a story in between that happens with the Dyr (if there is I would love to read it...)

Also was the Dyr a big loss for Detlev since he can read minds anyway?

Anyway as I was trundling through the archives I came across a post from a couple years ago talking about SPOILER ALERT Detlev's son! Sven Eric! I think I must have missed a story because I didn't remember that at all. (i quickly checked sasha but it only said his name not who he was) Also in the post there were a bunch of other characters names that didn't register. What story would this have come from? And where can I get it?

Also just wanted to thank you sherwood for writing such great stories and also for the wiki - love reading little tidbits about s-d there.

Interview and Status

Midway through Darkside--hit the place where the action begins to get heavy.

Did an interview


So I'm pushing on with Darkside of the Sun, and making notes for the massive rewrite of Liere's first romance.

And over at Book View Cafe, where I have to come up with blog topics every two weeks (I've already done over two hundred of them, so it's begun to feel a bit like scraping the inside of my head) I typed up the notes from last year's presentation at Sirens on fan language. Unfortunately,this is just the notes, I can't replicate the truly fun part--the skits people put together.


Dark Side of the Sun

Ripped ten thousand words out of the ms, and it felt so good. That enabled me to put the messy middle into some kind of order so I can tackle it (the first third and last third staying in place, but getting expanded)

This is the last of the ones I have to dovetail in stuff I wrote as a teen--it's the last one before the teens start to grow up.

Weird feeling, coming at the story from this end.


It was mentioned on Goodreads that a lot was cut from The Spy for marketing reasons (such as connections to other stories) and I was wondering if the Book View Cafe version has some of that back in it?

And are there any changes to The Trouble With Kings in the Book View Cafe edition?

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